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                                Here is Essay # 1

Saakov Oleg.

ESL 91 /D03B

Final Draft




            I will talk about the person who made a big change in my life and showed to me a different ways to solve my problems. She helped me with my personal life and my family.

            I met this girl two years ago in the college in my first ESL class. Her name is Cynthia, and she is twenty-one years old. She came to the United States three years ago with her sister, she is from Costa Rica. For the first time when we met we started to talk about everything that both of us knew at that time. The more interesting thing at that time was that the two of us didn’t know that much English, but we had really long conversations face to face and on the phone after college. We started to spend a lot of time together and got to know each other better with every day. Almost every day after our classes we spent hours in the cafeteria studying and helping each other with homework. At that time I knew English much better than she and I helped her with English homework and corrected her every time she made a mistake.

We liked each other from the first day we met.  After two weeks, which we spent together, we decided and started to hang out. For the short time that we had together Cynthia meant a lot to me. She started to be my closest friend and at the same time my girlfriend. Cynthia got inside of my life really fast and she is the person who saw what kind of problems I had with my personal life and in what ways I was wrong about people around me. 

For example she helped me at the time when I was fighting a lot with my family with no reason, only because I was so stresses and I thought that nobody in my family was paying attention to me at all. She started to talk with me about what I felt inside about my family and why I was so stressed at that time. She did an incredible job with me and she felt that I needed someone just to talk with and explain everything that I had inside of my brain.  Also Cynthia showed me how much people in my family love me and in what ways they care about me.

            For the first six months we had many fights about our two really different characters. She tried to show me the better side of her character and I did the same thing.  Many of the fights that we had were about changing our selves and our characters to a better way of understanding. For example for the first months Cynthia was not respectful person because every time after our conversation on the phone she didn’t even say bye or good night, or when I did some little thing for her she never say thank you for it. Also she was a selfish person because she never could even give me a couple dollars to borrow. My problem was my jealousy about her, but she fixed that in me fast. She showed me that she loved me seriously. Later we started to talk with each other more about all the problems which we had inside of us and about everything that was bothering us. She told me about many problems which she had in her family and I helped her as much as I could and gave her advice.  After a couple more months passed we started to decide everything together and solve as many things as possible. We talked about every part of our lives, it did matter if good moments or bad.

After all that time which we had together Cynthia has become so important in my life because she’s the only girl and the first person that saw what problems I had in my personal life. She took that step to help me and didn’t get tired of fighting with me to make me better and stronger. It feels great to have a person like her by your side and if something goes wrong you know you have someone to help you out.